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Disclosure and Informed Consent Form

Eve Farwell is a Certified Herbalist and Yoga Instructor. Eve completed over 450 hours of training at Green Path Herb School in Missoula Montana focused on the art and science of western herbalism, herbal therapeutics, pharmacy, materia medica, botany, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, field work, clinical case studies and associated health topics. Eve has also completed 200 hours of comprehensive study and training in the theory, practice and teaching of asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation at Yoga Linda in Barcelona, Spain.

Currently, herbalism is not considered a recognized health care modality in Montana. As such, there is no state or national licensing for herbal practitioners. At this time, there is only national certification. 

Eve uses a basic approach to combine alternative healing methods with the latest scientific findings and clinical practices. Because each client is unique, she will use various methods while working with you. Her basic healing philosophy is to offer you the support needed to restore your ability to experience balance and harmony in your health. The focus of her assessment of your health is to focus on identifying patterns of strength and weakness. Using this information, depending on your wishes, she will make recommendations that may include nutrition, herbs, supplements, movement, meditation, counseling and lifestyle. Her recommendation may also include suggestions for creating physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual balance.

She is NOT a medical doctor nor does she practice standard Western medical assessment, diagnosis or treatment. She does not claim to cure disease, nor offer advice about the use of any type of pharmaceuticals or medications at any time. She has no objections to her clients being seen or evaluated by their own medical doctor. If you have any questions or concerns about your health, it is highly recommended that you discuss them with your physician. She encourages you to share and discuss her recommendations with any other health professionals. The recommended nutritional/herbal supplements suggested by Eve are not a replacement for the medications prescribed by your Medical Doctor.

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