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Join Certified Herbalist Eve Farwell for a cup of tea (can be done virtually) to discuss your unique wellness goals in a private herbal consultation. During this session, review your health history, dietary and lifestyle practices, as well as mental and emotional state of mind.


Designed to offer you a variety of tools to empower yourself into a healing journey, you will receive recommendations including herbal, nutritional, lifestyle, and holistic practices rooted in nature.

Consultations generally take 1 hour and a 30 minute and a follow up session is often recommended.


per session


recommended follow-up

Please note: Herbalists in this country are not licensed and are not medical doctors. The services offered are not meant to replace medical diagnosis or treatment, but rather to share knowledge and experience. Think of a consultation like a personalized, private education and motivational session.


Get to know the traditional uses of the native and weedy plants growing on your land.


Begin with a lecture that teaches the ethics of sustainably wildcrafting. Next take a walk with pauses to meet the plants, learn in depth plant monographs that review each of their uses, methods of harvest and times when it should be avoided. If the plants are abundant, we will take time to harvest and end the session by making a fresh herbal infusion or explore other methods of use.

This session usually lasts 3 hours, making it a great way to spend an afternoon connecting with the abundant plant life around us.


The Wildcrafting Immersion can only take place on your own or a friends private land given permission to do so.

A sliding scale rate is offered for this activity beginning at $150, with factors such as the number of participants, income, location and accessibility taken into consideration.

After meeting Eve at her Herbalism and Yoga Retreat, I had a private consultation with her to discuss ways to use herbs to treat my cyclic vomiting syndrome and chronic nausea. Not only did Eve create effective custom tea and tincture blends for me, but she also had a number of other valuable suggestions to incorporate into my life and daily routine.


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