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Growing your 'Seeds of Mindfulness' takes time to turn inward and genuinely explore the needs of your body, mind, and soul. Each retreat experience with Seed of Mind Wellness may hold its own unique focus, although they are collectively centered around deepening knowledge of self care and sustainable living through movement, mindfulness practices, immersion into nature, and herbal ceremony.


Lakeside in Montana

July 17th-21st, 2024 | Georgetown Lake, MT

Journey to the Heart

Sept 27th-29th, 2024 | Boulder Hot Springs, MT

Get To Know Eve

Retreat Facilitator & Guide

Eve Farwell founded her business “Seed of Mind Wellness” in 2020 with a mission to make the benefits of yoga, herbalism, and holistic health accessible to the rural population of Philipsburg, Montana and beyond. 

On an ever evolving journey of self-discovery Eve has received various certifications for yoga, breath-work, meditation, and integrative nutrition health coaching.

Her experience as a retreat attendee and behind the scenes assistant inspired her to share her own wisdom in magical settings that honor the Montana wilderness and beloved hot springs. Each retreat curated by Eve is unique to itself with past themes being in medicinal herb education and whole body cleansing.


Eve practices privately in Philipsburg, MT and virtually, facilitating yoga, meditations, and sound bathing as well as coaching clients on how to reach their goals for health, happiness, stress reduction, and hormone balance.

With an ever present smile, Eve pursues her dreams of exploring the world, connecting with nature, and sharing her beloved self-care practices with others.

Seed of Mind Wellness Retreat Testimonials 


This was such a valuable and meaningful experience for me. I'm so grateful to you, Eve. Thank you for all of the practices, information, teaching, and openness you provided. 


I had such an amazing experience at the Reset + Reconnect Retreat. I learned so much and feel such peace and blessing from this experience.


The following is a journal entry I made after the first day of the retreat:  July 24, 2021. I am so thankful that my sister and I came to this retreat! Completely unplugging from the demands and decisions of daily life is amazing, plus being cooked for and taken care of is fantastic. Eve and Kaylen are so kind and knowledgeable and have put together a great experience for us. Today, for example, I learned all about thimbleberries and harvested their leaves to dry for tea. I also harvested dandelions and got a dandelion root tincture started. All of this knowledge is so empowering!!


The Reset + Reconnect Retreat allowed me the space to slow down, tap into my roots, and reconnect to my body and nature. The yoga classes gave me some amazing new self-care techniques that I will absolutely be using in the future. Eve shared an amazing energy that created a safe space for all of this to occur. I will definitely be coming back!


Helped me find my way back to the best version of myself!

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