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Growing your 'Seeds of Mindfulness' requires time to turn inward & investigate your needs in order to understand your purpose on this earth, which is essentially what happens when retreating with Eve. While each experience may hold its own unique focus, the overall goal for any Seed of Mind Wellness Retreat is to deepen each attendees knowledge of self care & sustainability techniques by immersing into nature, identifying the innate connections with your surroundings & slowly deepening on your journey towards mindfulness.

Reset + Reconnect Retreat

May 18-21 | Potosi Hot Spring | Pony, Montana

Treat Yourself to an incredible long weekend at Potosi Hot Springs. Take time to become fully present and attentive to your entire being, letting go of distractions other than those signaled from within. Participate in a guided whole body cleanse, experience daily hot spring soaks, wood fired sauna sessions, yoga and myofascial release to support detoxification, sound and forest bathing meditations, as well as a hiking and medicinal plant identification excursion. 


The overall theme of this Retreat and venue, Potosi Hot Springs, is to disconnect from your daily life cycles and reconnect within yourself and the earth surrounding you.

Slow Down and Soak in the onsite natural hot springs

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Whole Body Cleanse

Spring cleansing is a great way to reset after a long winter, prevent seasonal allergies, and potentially discover food irritants. If you’re looking to make any kind of dietary changes in your life, a guided group cleanse is the perfect way to feel supported as you begin the process.


Receive guidelines for a whole body cleanse during a complimentary private consultation prior to the retreat. This will include dietary guidelines recommended to begin one week prior & continuing for one to two weeks after the retreat gathering. Your cleansing guidelines will include an array of holistic and herbal recommendations to support the detoxification process. A variety of herbal applications, teas & small gifts will be provided during the retreat as well.

Included meals will be primarily whole foods & plant based, with minimal animal protein. No dairy, gluten, soy, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, or processed foods.